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oBS Studio And 6+ Best Software for streaming(For Twitch and YouTube) 2023

    OBS Studio And 6+ Best Software for streaming(For Twitch and YouTube) 2022


    There are many options on the market, so finding a program that suits your needs can be difficult. With this excellent video streaming software like OBS Studio, you can get professional quality streams from multiple sources. You can add overlays, transition effects, and special effects to create unique content that appeals to your audience. If you are new to streaming games, you must be able to use the right software for the capture card and provide excellent video quality and user support.

    This article introduces various encoders, from open-source software to web browser-based game streaming, and finds the best encoder for your PC, console, or mobile device.

    1. OBS Studio


    OBS Studio is a popular open-source solution for recording games, and more specifically for publishing them to all parts of the world. OBS Studio can stream games to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. OBS is also used to create screenshots. This is powerful software, but it may be too high for anyone who needs a quick and easy solution to start playing.

    OBS works best if you have a multi-screen setup, which allows you to monitor OBS on one screen and play games on another screen, but this is not required. Unlike other applications, OBS does not include overlays in the game. Instead, it only runs in the background. You should also instruct OBS to start recording or streaming after or before the game is released.

    Features include

    • Audio Capture
    • Multi-Screen Recording
    • Screen Capture
    • Screen Recording
    • Video Capture


    • You can record and live stream
    • Wide range of source options
    • It is great for games


    • Not much help and guidance


    • Contact the vendor

    2. OWN3D Pro


    OWN3D Pro is a plug-in that extends the open-source OBS Studio. With OWN3D Pro, you can easily change the appearance of the broadcast. You can access more than 575 high-quality overlays and alerts, multiple Twitch panels, create Twitch countdown pages and donation pages, and integrate chatbox tools with Twitch chatbots. It can also be integrated into OWN3D Music, so you can add music to the stream without worrying about piracy.

    Features include

    • Creation of a donation page
    • Chatbox Widget integration
    • Twitch Chatbot integration
    • Access to a large number of Twitch Panels
    • OWN3D Music integration
    • Twitch countdown integration
    • Access to 575+ high-quality overlays & alerts
    • Pre-made stream labels that can be easily customized


    • It’s easy to set up
    • Provides copyright-free music


    • No free plan


    • 1-month plan: €10.99/month
    • 3-month plan: €8.66/month
    • Annual plan: €7.08/month

    3. Streamlabs OBS


    Streamlabs is a real-time streaming media platform that integrates Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) with viewer interaction, chat management, and donation to achieve an all-in-one experience.

    It is one of the best streaming media software on the market and an excellent platform for professional and casual gamers, making real-time streaming easier and better.

    Features include

    • Branding
    • Alerts
    • App Store
    • Donations
    • Multistreaming


    • Free to use
    • Slick, user-friendly UI
    • Gamer-friendly
    • Feature-rich


    • Streamlabs for Мac still in beta
    • CPU-heavy


    • Streamlabs: Free
    • Streamlabs Prime: $19/month

    4. LightStream Studio


    This software is taken to be a robust and interactive live streaming software. You just have to open your browser to use Lightstream Studio. Do you remember how you can work with materials on the cloud? That’s precisely how this program works. The source operations happen on a computer, however, all encryption, as well as synthesis, happen on the server. This translates to lower CPU usage when compared to similar software.

    Lightstream, being a software that is based on the cloud, has lots of functionality such as local streaming support, the ability to host other apps, screen sharing on tablets and mobile devices, and advanced coverage. Also, all your working materials are kept on their secure cloud server, therefore you are saved time and energy of rebuilding all the time.

    This application will automatically select the appropriate codec settings present on your desktop device. It equally checks your internet connection settings and updates its bit rate so that the stream is not buffered.

    Features include

    • Access Controls
    • Collaboration
    • Customizable branding
    • Session Recording
    • Text Overlay
    • Audio Tools
    • Supports HD Resolution
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Speed Adjustment
    • Split / Merge
    • Audience Engagement
    • Event Scheduling
    • Live Streaming Production
    • Multistreaming
    • Split/Multi-Screen


    • It is free to use
    • It is based both on the cloud and on a browser
    • It is user-friendly
    • There is a lower CPU usage
    • Excellent customer support


    • You can only stream in the 720p video quality
    • There have been problems with the video sounds


    • Free

    5. vMix


    vMix is ​​a complete program for real-time streaming and video production. This allows users to mix audio at resolutions up to 4K, switch input, record output, stream video files, cameras, audio, etc. in real-time. You can stream videos on four separate layered channels with different transition effects and settings. The program is easy to use, suitable for people of intermediate level, and can use the vMix Web controller to remotely perform touch operations on Android and iOS devices.

    It is able to perform real-time video effect processing in 4:4:4 32-bit space, such as rotation, zoom in/out, crop and colour correction, and de-interlacing, giving you the opportunity to produce industry-wide video output. You can also record and stream live videos simultaneously on multiple platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, and Ustream).

    When using full zoom, this program allows you to change the position of the camera as needed. Other coveted features include live meetings with up to 8 members, as well as dedicated playback options and vMix calls.

    Features include

    • Live Chat
    • Customizable Branding
    • Audience Engagement
    • Broadcast Recording
    • Event Scheduling
    • HD Video Streaming
    • Multi-camera feed
    • Multistreaming
    • Live Polling
    • Video Annotations


    • High-quality output results in producing great 4K resolution videos
    • Plenty of video adjustments and features
    • A brand name you can trust
    • 60-days free trial


    • Not compatible for use on Smartphones or other portable devices
    • It May take some time to get easy with the settings and features


    • Basic: Free
    • Basic HD: $60
    • HD: $350
    • 4K: $700
    • Pro: $1,200

    6. XSplit Broadcaster


    XSplit Broadcaster is a real-time broadcast and record management solution that helps organizations produce and broadcast interactive video content on TVs, such as Web networks, real-time events, and presentations. With the help of the broadcast management function, experts can use pre-loaded styles to adjust transition effects, add custom text scripts, write a set of operations, and use the built-in preview editor for real-time broadcast.

    XSplit Broadcaster comes with a video production tool that administrators can use to upload media files to the mixer, edit and upload multiple videos, and use drag-and-drop operations to delete backgrounds. The solution provides many functions, such as multi-screen streaming, alarms, social media upload, preset whiteboards, annotations, projector styles, recording, and playback. XSplit Broadcaster supports various webcams and video capture cards, such as Logitech, Elgato, AVerMedia, and Razer.

    XSplit Broadcaster makes it easy to stream to multiple streaming services simultaneously via a centralized dashboard. It also provides a variety of chat tools for platforms such as Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube to facilitate sharing across multiple social media channels.

    Features include

    • 2D games
    • 3D Games
    • Animation
    • Background Removal
    • Custom Scripts
    • Interactive Videos
    • Macros Extension
    • Preview Editor
    • Projector Mode
    • Stream Annotations


    • It is easy to use
    • The built-in transitions are excellent


    • The software is a bit old


    • 1-month plan: $20/month
    • 3 months plan: $35/three months
    • 12 months plan: $70/year
    • Lifetime: $230

    7. Restream


    Restream lets users stream real-time video to more than 30 social networks at the same time. This can help users attract millions of people from all over the world to attract viewers and profit from it. The platform can be used by anyone including gamers, professionals, media, politicians, celebrities, and businesses. Users can use Restream’s multi-streaming function to attract more viewers.

    The platform also provides the option to stream real-time recorded video using the scheduling function, so users can spend less time. In order to increase viewer participation, users can use the built-in chat function to interact with viewers on a single screen.

    One of the main functions of Restream is that users can measure success by obtaining real-time information about Steam performance on multiple platforms. Brands can promote their products on this platform and interact with nearly 2 million people on live broadcasts so that more viewers can use their products. Restream provides brands with an ideal platform to access a large network of streaming media devices.

    Features include

    • Multistreaming
    • Video Monetization
    • Multi-camera feed
    • Live Polling
    • Video Annotations


    • You can use its multistreaming function to get to a wider range of audience
    • Video monetization helps you to earn money from your videos


    • Its multi-camera feed is poorly designed
    • The live polling function doesn’t work properly
    • Video annotations are a bit out of date


    • Free
    • Standard: $19/month
    • Professional: $49/month
    • Premium: $99/month
    • Business: $299/month
    • Enterprise: Custom quote

    8. Crowdcast


    Crowdcast is a leading real-time streaming platform that enables creatives to increase the audience’s influence and participation in virtual events. Users can develop their own communities by integrating interviews, questions and answers, Web networks, conferences, etc. The program provides a simple configuration that allows users to use a URL to initiate an event in a few seconds without downloading. With the help of interactive question and answer, polls, and conversations, users can create real-life conversations.

    You can also make calls via HD streaming without delay, so you can invite participants from multiple platforms such as Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. In addition, the program provides creatives and artists with the tools they need to grow their businesses and generate potential customers. Crowdcast also allows users to communicate with customers via email in the app. This program is very useful because it can be seamlessly integrated with more than 500 tools and applications through Zapier.

    Features include

    • Live Chat
    • Q&A
    • Customizable Branding
    • Audience Analytics
    • Audience Engagement
    • Broadcast Recording
    • Event Scheduling
    • HD Video Streaming
    • Multi-camera feed
    • Multistreaming
    • Video Monetization
    • Live Polling
    • Video Annotations


    • Before the event starts, you can invite someone to “come on stage” to a conversation or invite someone to the screen virtually
    • Interact with the audience through suggested polls, questions, and topics
    • Quickly accept payment for activities paid through Stripe
    • Real-time broadcasts from various third-party services, such as Facebook Live and Periscope.


    • The chatbox is not well developed
    • It does not work properly on all devices


    • Starter: $29/month
    • Lite: $49/month
    • Pro: $89/month
    • Business: $195/month

    9. Vimeo Livestream


    Vimeo Livestreaming is a platform that provides high-quality virtual events and meetings for remote employee participation. This helps the organization interact and interact with audiences and employees around the world. From global events and city councils to local meetings and pieces of training, users can broadcast to any audience, no matter where they are.

    Through more than 10 million successful events, users can always access SLA services, training, account management, and personalized support. Security and privacy are at the forefront of a security platform that allows single sign-on and private live streaming to have an early impact. The provided video library is a central portal that allows users to easily manage, publish and control commercial videos in one place. Customization tools are available to help you match videos to specific brands. With seamless video delivery, each stream always looks great.

    Features include

    1. HD Video Streaming
    2. Live Polling
    3. Audience Analytics
    4. Audience Engagement
    5. Broadcast Recording
    6. Live Chat
    7. Multi-camera feed
    8. Multistreaming
    9. Video Monetization
    10. Q&A
    11. Customizable Branding
    12. Event Scheduling


    • It is easy to set up
    • You can easily integrate and embed it into your Facebook page
    • Offers real-time analytics


    • The editing features are very basic


    • Vimeo Premium: $75/month
    • Vimeo Enterprise: Custom quote
    • Vimeo OTT: Custom quote

    Final Words

    This is the 7 best-streaming media software. All these software options have the same effect as streaming video. However, they all carry some unique features and tools. Some of them are provided for free.

    For example, if you are looking for open source solutions, then OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS are good choices. Both tools are free but have most of the features required for real-time streaming and full integration.

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