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6+ Best video hosting site 2023 (free, paid & ranked)

6+ Best video hosting site 2022 (free, paid & ranked)

Videos are everywhere due to the numerous best video hosting sites available today. You cannot scroll through social media feeds or browse search results without viewing the video gallery.  It is also the main lever for online engagement. This is not surprising because 55% of people watch videos every day.

Podcasts and blog posts are not obsolete, but now is the time to start taking an interest in video and incorporating it into your marketing strategy. Do you need more convincing?

Facebook users consume 100 million hours of video every day.  It’s quite a large number and almost looks synthetic, but it is not.  And Facebook is one of the many social media platforms that people use to watch videos, not to mention YouTube, where people watch five times as many a day.

Most bloggers move from all text content to video creation to accompany blog posts and there’s no end to it. We know the power of a video can not be ignored, but how do you know where to post them?

These are my seven best video hosting sites in 2023.

1. Kaltura


More than any other platform on this list, Kaltura has great use of online training. Large universities, as well as large companies, trust Kaltura as an online course platform for staff and students who are aware of the platform’s capabilities, are intuitive and comprehensive.

Like the other platforms on this list, Kalutra users are approached with a comprehensive analytics dashboard.  Administrators use this platform for monitoring student progress and can see how each student interacts with a particular video:

  • Did he or she watch a given video once? Twice? More than that?
  • Did he or she complete the quiz presented in the middle or at the end of a certain video?
  • You can get a clear answer to these questions when checking out Kaltura’s analytics.

If you use a Learning Management System (LMS) to collaborate with your employees, you can integrate Kaltura into your LMS.  This allows you to work with videos where you might have used text.

You should check out Kaltura if you are an:

  • Enterprise
  • Online educator

Price: You can explore Kaltura’s platform during a 30-day trial period, after which you will have to contact sales and upgrade to their enterprise plan. Final prices depend on customers’ specific needs.

2. Brightcove


Brightcove is a professional corporate best video hosting site. Some of their great customer lists include, Adobe, SAS, and Rogers Media.  This is revealed in the information provided regarding the pricing of subscription packages.

Brightcove plans are designed for each client based on their needs, the number of users, and bandwidth.  Brightcove provides users with comprehensive security features, as well as an in-depth analysis of individual viewer preferences and models.

Publishers can turn to Brightcove, which they believe can help them monetize their videos.  The platform is compatible with VAST automatic ads.

A unique feature of Brightcove is the addition of banners to video channels.  Users can create their own video channels (a-la Wistia and Cincopa video channels) and add clickable ads (similar to banner promotions on social media).

You should check out Brightcove if you are an:

  • Enterprise marketer
  • Publisher

Price: Brightcove offers a variety of plans tailored to different use cases and business needs. They do not publicize their prices. To ask for a quote, you’ll have to contact their sales department.

3. Vidyard

vidyard vpn

Vidyard is an established name in video hosting sites for games for a good reason.  Like Wistia and Cincopa, the platform is easy to use and provides a smart user interface.  However, unlike these other platforms, Vidyard solutions are designed for four specific use cases: Marketing, Sales, Internal Communications and Business.

Providing advanced video resolution, Vidyard can show users who have watched each video and provide a detailed analysis of individual display templates.  Also, Vidyard offers RecTrace and Soapbox versions (simply screen recording accessories), which are simply called Vidyard Screen Recorders. Like RecTrace and Soapbox, these videos can be emailed.

Vidyard offers a variety of powerful integrations such as Twitter and Hootsuite.  You can schedule video downloads directly to your social media account and upload video-sharing games to social networks.  Finally, it is worth noting that Vidyard is inherently integrated into HubSpot, which is a marketing automation tool very popular among SMEs and SMEs.

You should check out Vidyard if you are an:

  • Enterprise
  • SME

Price: Vidyard offers a free plan that allows you to upload and embed five videos. Otherwise, you can choose one of the following packages:

  • Pro: For $15 a month, you can host up to 20 videos. With this plan, a user can gain access to Vidyard’s analytics
  • Plus: For $300 a month, you can host up to 50 videos. Suitable for 3+ users. With this plan, a user can access Vidyard’s analytics and other features, such as on video CTAs.
  • Business: For $1,250 a month, you can host up to 100 videos. Suitable for 5+ users. With this plan, a user can access Vidyard’s analytics and other features, including one CRM/MAP integration.

4. Vimeo


Vimeo is the weirdest option on this list of the best video hosting site.  Like a safer YouTube, Vimeo is designed for artists who want to view their videos without giving up control of huge things, such as Google-owned video sites.  Once you’ve created an account, you can upload videos and embed them on your site.

There are also standalone Vimeo pages that visitors can access.  Depending on the subscription you choose, you can add action optimization phrases, potential customer forms, and other loyalty enhancement features to your video.

Vimeo is not enough when it comes to integrations and dynamic models.  Unlike Cincopa, Wistia and Vidyard, if you want to integrate your Vimeo account into a marketing automation platform (or any kind of CRM), then you should use Zapier. This is expensive and time-consuming.

Additionally, if you want to present your video in a similar way to a Cincopa Video Course or Wistia Channels while using Vimeo, you will need to hire a web developer to create a custom template (this applies to all types of playlist layouts).

You should check out Vimeo if you are an: Artist, SMB, SME


  • Vimeo Plus: For $7 a month, you can host up to 5GB of videos a week. Suitable for one use
  • Vimeo Pro: For $20 a month, you can host up to 20GB of videos a week. Suitable for three users.
  • Vimeo Business: For $50 a month, you can host up to 5TB of videos. Suitable for 10+ users. With this plan, you can add calls to action to your videos
  • Vimeo Premium: For $75 a month, you can host up to 7TB of videos. Suitable for 10+ users. With this plan, you can add calls to action to your videos and while live streaming, as well

5. YouTube



YouTube, the second most popular site in the world, is the best video hosting site. It’s helped to start the careers of pop stars and influencers. But what is good for Billie Eilish and Bieber is not necessarily good for you and your business. You can embed YouTube videos on your site and it costs you nothing.  However, there may be a price to be paid for free.

When you embed a YouTube video on your site, you are essentially relinquishing control of the content your visitors are experiencing.  Obviously, you open a door on the roof that allows viewers to easily bounce on your site and go down the YouTube maze of videos.

Personalization is also a serious problem.  To customize YouTube embed code, you need to play with CSS and code.  It can be long and unsatisfactory in the end.  You can also set it to display embedded YouTube videos without checking the signature.  This is something that even the most technically disinclined people can figure out how to do.

All of this is in stark contrast to (most ) other platforms on this list. Designed as an extremely flexible professional video hosting software, users can design their video player. The video player displays the company logo and matches the colour of the brand.

Most importantly, YouTube does not offer as much complete data as other paid options.

The scope of YouTube analysis is as follows:

  • You can see the total number of views etc
  • Aside from these rather vain metrics, you cannot know if the video captures the viewer.  This proves to be a problem when trying to evaluate the success of a video marketing initiative.

You should check out YouTube if you are:

  • An individual or company with a tight marketing budget
  • It’s also good for those looking for free video hosting, those who want to upload unlimited videos, host live streams, and use social sharing.

Price: Free

6. Cincopa


Cincopa is emerging as a comprehensive platform for digital and media management.  This is a great way to say that you can use Cincopa to host photos, podcasts, audio files, and of course videos.  Remember the exciting Netflix-like video environment above?

You can easily do this on this platform by creating the Cincopa Video Channel.  If you plan to create a video lesson for students, clients, or integration staff, you can use the Cincopa video program.

You can capture individual scene information by modifying the form that will be displayed during the video.  Through strong third-party integration, this valuable information can be fed into marketing automation platforms (such as HubSpot).

This way, you can capture the content your audience is most likely to engage with and integrate it into marketing automation initiatives (for example, predefined referrals, trigger ratings, and workflows).

Like the other providers on this list (Vidyard and Wistia), Cincopa offers a powerful screen capture tool, RecTrace.

RecTrace, a free Chrome extension, allows users to record or record on their screen, or both, to stream compact high-impact video Users can do all of this from their email browser.

Users can sign up by clicking the Rec Trace icon in Gmail.  Once the recording is complete, the video will be automatically added to your email.

Finally, Cincopa’s powerful analytics can be a game-changer, especially for those who value creating potential customers.  You can see who each viewer is, where in the world you watched the video, which device you used, and the details of the tracking history (views, action prompt sharing, etc.).

Other features, such as Cincopa Heat Map, provide an overview of the performance of a particular video.  You can see that the number of viewers is significantly reduced and optimized accordingly.

You should check out Cincopa if you are an: SMB, SME, Enterprise, Franchisor, or Online educator

Price: You can explore Cincopa’s platform during a 30-day trial period, after which you can select one of the following subscription packages:

  • Startup: For $9 a month, you can host up to 5 videos, along with 500 images, 50 audio files (including long-format podcasts), and 20 PDF files.
  • Plus: For $25 a month, you can host up to 40 videos, along with 1500 images, 200 audio files (including long-format podcasts), and 40 PDF files. With this plan, users gain access to basic analytical features and a variety of third-party integrations.
  • Corporate: For $99 a month, you can host an unlimited number of online videos, images, podcasts, and PDF files. Suitable for ten users. With this plan, users gain access to Cincopa’s advanced analytics features and its third-party integrations.

7. Wistia


The best video hosting site and marketing platform, Wistia is a popular video tool for businesses and marketing companies.  Thanks to its comprehensive analytics capabilities, Wistia can be utilized to generate more potential customers through on-site video visualization.  Particular attention is paid to Wistia A/B test capabilities.  When users upload videos, they can use random thumbnails to test, analyze, and monitor viewer interaction.

Wistia recently added podcast hosting to its roster, feeling the great potential of its business.  Users can upload a podcast to their Wistia account and upload it to their Wistia channel (corresponding to a Cincopa video channel).

In addition to powerful resolution (associated with individual screen models), Wistia provides a screen recording software called Soapbox.  Users can register themselves, record their screens or both, and instantly send videos to customers, prospects, and team members.

Wistia provides embedded code that is compatible with most CRMs (including WordPress).

You should check out Wistia if you are an:

  • SME
  • Enterprise
  • Marketers

Price: Wistia offers a free plan that allows you to upload and embed three videos or podcasts. Otherwise, you can choose one of the following paid plans:

  • Pro: For $99 a month, you can host up to ten videos or podcasts and gain access to Wistia’s analytics. You can add videos, podcasts, or audio files for 25¢ per month.
  • Advanced: This plan allows for 100 videos or podcasts and offers access to third-party integrations with marketing automation platforms. You can contact sales for the price.

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