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Make a life changing decision to learn how to launch a niche blog like a business startup to gain financial independence and work from anywhere in the world. 

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I want to

understand and learn how to

start a blog

From start to finish, a beautiful website is what you need to reach out to your audience. With my experience as a web designer, I will help you to work on the best niche for you right from choosing the best hosting for your web , the best content marketing with email marketing software to kick start you online business.

speed up growth

Speeding up growth at an unprecedented rate is your ability to create content and get quality backlinks. Make no mistake this is not about writing tons of contents but rather making sure your domain Authority improves to give your niche blog credibility. This is what blogging entails in this 21st century to be able make money.

make money faster

This is the goal of every blogger, to be able to make money faster. You will learn strategy that will turn your content into a money making machine while you relax and enjoy your passive income . This you will achieve by joining some of the best affiliate programs, then later launching your first online course the right way.

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How to start a blog like a full time business


Blog like a CEO and not like a writer

I can tell you authoritatively from what I have learned that blogging is more than just posting random content on a niche website but rather thinking like a start-up  and understanding that you need to treat like a business to be able to make money online.

So, if you want to make this life-changing decision to learn how to start a blog and change your life forever you need to start taking blogging seriously as a business and not just about writing about your hobbies.

Writing content to speed up growth is very essential when it comes to blogging but you need to understand that it’s not just any content, there are two types of content you need to write to be making that dreamed passive income and live the kind of life
that you deserve.

While other websites will tell you to write about your passion, write good content and publish constantly, so maybe in few years to
come you will be able to get enough traffic to monetize and add affiliate links.

I can assure you these are all old-school blogging tricks; to be able to grow your blog in the 2020’s you need to scale your growth using new strategies.

I have started this blog to educate you and hold your hand through this journey to make money online in a record time and be financially independent.

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