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Online Easy money; 25+ Future Ways (2023)

    Online Easy money; 25+ Future Ways (2022)


    Ten years ago, making money wasn’t as easy as it is today. The rise of the internet has created a whole new way of making easy money: online businesses.

    The online business economy has garnered a lot of attention in the last couple of years which is understandable. It is an excellent means of earning income since you’ll have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

    Getting involved in online businesses is an easy and fast means of making money, however, some other great side hustles you can also do to make more money exist.

    If you are looking for additional income, there is no better time than now. This guide has curated over 25 means of online easy money-making regardless of your experience.

    Online easy Money Making Using Blogs and Websites

    One sure way of online money-making is by the use of its websites. You’ll select the niche market, attract visitors to your site, and market various goods and services to your customers.

    This article teaches you how to you can earn money online by using affiliate and product marketing, and how to sell various products as well as courses.

    Read on to learn more about the variety of ways you can go about online money-making.

    1. Use your website in making money

    Many people start blogging for them to have a means of expressing their interests and opinions creatively.

    But we have instances of individuals whose source of livelihood are from blogs but also are now big businesses like CopyBlogger.

    Not all bloggers achieve these numbers, but if you do what you’re supposed to do, you can be sure of making money on your blog.

    Bear in mind that it is important to look at it from a futuristic perspective. Though the dollars won’t roll in right away, as you develop your writing and your website gets more visitors, you’ll surely earn from it.

    For those who are planning on having a money-making site, always remember these tips:

    • Pick from the range of topics such as health, finance, relationships, hobbies, personal development, etc.
    • You should always produce high-quality content
    • Know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you can utilize it in growing your business
    • Work with top bloggers in your niche

    2. Opening an Online Store

    Online stores have become very popular in the last decade. As platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress became popular, it was easy to build online stores.

    If you want to make natural products: selling concrete goods, having your own e-commerce site may be the optimal solution.

    We have two effective methods in e-commerce.

    • Create natural products and sell them to specific groups of clients
    • Buy cheap products abroad and repackage them: sell them at high prices.

    The first method can be very effective, however, it requires love for the good and an eagerness to make lots of research and develop the product.

    However, in stores such as SkinnyMe Tea, this success shows that online shopping can bring incredible results.

    If this first method appears a bit risky for your initial e-commerce site, we recommend that you consider the alternative method of reselling oversea products. Therefore, you can get popular products from platforms like AliExpress, repackage them and sell them in your store.

    Along with selling the correct goods, you equally need to sort out how to deliver the product. You can handle the delivery yourself and complete the order yourself. In addition, you may utilize a general process of dropshipping, that is automatically handled by the manufacturer.

    3. Creating Digital Courses

    These days, digital lessons seem to be everywhere. Therefore, if there’s any worthwhile information you possess that people are willing to learn for a fee, then you have a great chance of making lots of money. Apart from their training, the BitDegree learning platform also makes you an instructor. It is a great way to share your knowledge and skills with tons of people who are interested in learning new things.

    Digital tutorials can be made in a variety of formats, from pure PDFs to home videos with tons of minutes of educational information. Making digital courses is equally beneficial and since you manage everything, your income potentials are limitless.

    Like the rest of the means in our selection, it’s possible to integrate online tutorials into many sites, such as blogs, e-commerce forums, and even affiliate marketing sites. For those planning on creating online tutorials and who haven’t organized their topics, you may need to explore your audience. In many cases, they’re going to show you exactly how to go about it.

    4. Starting an Affiliate Site

    Affiliate marketing sites are created based on recommendations or reviews of specific products. Then when readers buy the product via your unique link, you’re going to get a commission. This does not appear to be the main source of income, but some sites make millions of dollars just from the income of their affiliates. An instance is Wirecutter, which was very lucrative in that it was purchased by New York Times site for 30 million dollars.

    Join a membership plan that fits your site position to create your own membership website. For example, if you have a blog that specializes in computer science, it’s possible to be a partner of Hostinger.

    An example is Bitcatcha. The site includes reviews of hosting services, VPN tools and webmasters. When bloggers mention the product, the post will include an affiliate link.

    5. Selling Your Existing Site

    Also, another lucrative way to earn income through your existing website is to put it up for sale. This can be quite an attractive option based on the kind of site you have.

    On average, the selling time of your website is twice your regular monthly income. This number depends on several indicators, however, you can usually expect it to sell for about 12 to 30 times more than your passive income for the month.

    These indicators will affect your results:

    • Your site’s age
    • Site’s domain authority
    • Site’s traffic
    • Current site income
    • Variety of your income
    • Stable income
    • Does the site grow or not?

    6. Reselling of Website Hosting

    This is one other means of online money-making. The basic premise of this business is to offer dedicated server spaces so that you can create your own web hosting brand. You have the capability to:

    • Create a web hosting account using cPanel
    • Set the resource limits (hard disk capacity, ie bandwidth, disk space, etc.).
    • Easily control every account you own via WHM

    With the cPanel as the major online feature for managing hosting accounts, makes it simpler to get new customers. The uptime of the server is analyzed by an internal group of administrators to ensure consistent access time management.

    This lets you work on gaining users instead of the technicalities of the server management. If you have any questions, the support team will be happy to provide you with a 24-hour service.

    Resale is a walk in the park, especially if you know how web hosting works. Who knows, if you work hard enough you can become one of the web hosting giants.

    7. Creating Your Own Job Subscription Board

    Job boards are really effective ways for you to earn a living from a site. This process is straightforward. Anyone who wants to hire people for a certain industry will create job postings on the website, and the visitors to your website will go for that position.

    Also, it’s possible to ask visitors for payment to publish jobs. Alternatively, ask the audience to pay a monthly payment to view the job ads.

    Please note that these sites require reasonable traffic to function. If you don’t nominate qualified candidates, companies won’t pay for open positions on your site.

    Take ProBlogger JobBoard, for example. On this site, businesses and people make payments to place ads on the site. So anyone can apply for a job for free. This platform is a trusted site with a large audience, which is why commercial advertising companies receive thousands of job entries as a result of each listing.

    8. Creating Online Directories

    Although online directories are not as well-known as they were, you can still make huge profits. It works just like the ones on job listings. However, instead of hiring or joining an employment council, people pay monthly to register with the directory. For those who have reliable websites or lots of traffic, these listings are very useful.

    For example, suppose you are a webmaster dedicated to web design and development. You have top-notch web content as well as a solid reputation, you can develop a library section on a website. Here, web designers and companies can get listed.

    Not only does this provide them with solid and trustworthy backlinks, it can also mean an excellent avenue of business traffic.

    Online directories typically charge a fixed monthly fee for subscriptions. You can ask people to pay to appear at the top of another company in the directory, as more people will see it.

    9. Create a Membership Site

    The kind of website you develop depends on what type of website you operate and what depth your premium content has. Membership sites have grown immensely nowadays, and ideas can be easily implemented. However, this needs you to have an audience already.

    Mark Manson, for instance, owns a well-known blog on personal development. The site has a membership area where users can access additional courses, videos and commentary online. Great for those who love his work.

    People already visit your site as they desire your content and admire your writing skills. Therefore, creating a membership section on your site for those who love high-quality content will increase your profits.

    10. Selling of Advert Columns

    We have seen sites that use ads for their content. Ads can interfere with you or merge naturally with your content.

    Advertising money is generally saved on your site when your site receives a large number of traffic. If you have a lot of traffic, keep growing, this is a great option.

    The amount paid depends on your network, but mainly impressions or clicks.

    There are several types of ad networks to choose from. Google AdSense is perhaps your best-selling network. You can use it to add ads to your network when you agree to a network subscription. Payments for AdSense ads usually aren’t as high until millions of visitors each month.

    There are other Ezoic Media ad networks. They both have a site verification process. These networks also benefit from improving ad revenue.

    If you do not want to use the Display Network, you can sell your own ads. If you have a private audience, this is a great option. For example, suppose you have a website that specializes in improving sleep. Instead of using one of the ad networks mentioned above, you can sell your ad space to a large mattress company.

    You have the opportunity to create sponsored content. This is the case when the company pays you to create sponsored content that it publishes on its site.

    11. Sell Your Services

    Selling services from your site is one of the fastest ways to make money online. You can follow two different methods:

    Create an educational blog: Offer your service. Create a private blog that contains useful information on a specific topic. Suppose you blog on carpentry techniques, create a mailing list of a decent size, and get a lot of traffic.

    You can add a service page to your site that offers woodworking lessons in person or on Skype.

    Create a home page and post your services: Another approach is to create a WordPress site designed to serve corporate individuals.

    Suppose you want to be a freelance writer. You just have to be more discerning in the help you give others. Then create a few pages to tell people who you are, the services you provide and show them some examples of your work.

    Then you started a new service business with visitor blogs, podcast interviews, or interesting information.

    If you are planning to take your business to the next level, combining the two methods will give you excellent results.

    Means of Online Money Money Without Using Websites

    Building a profitable website is a great way to generate long-term passive income online. However, there are still ways to start making money online without creating a website.

    12. Buy and Sell Websites

    Creating a lucrative site is an excellent means of generating an online long-term passive revenue. But there are still many ways to start making money online without creating a website.

    12. Buying and selling of websites

    The process of buying and selling a website is similar to changing a home. That is, the home from which it was purchased can be invested, repaired and sold for more profit. The operation is very easy. Please note that there is a risk. Therefore, don’t invest in sites that you can’t lose.

    Here’s how to buy and sell a commercial website:

    • You will find valuable websites that can improve the knowledge you know. To do this, visit markets such as EmpireFlippers and Flippa.
    • Find out your income, visits, cookies, and the real reason someone sold your site.
    • If all the content is excellent, buy the website.
    • Optimizing your website will increase traffic and profits.
    • Sell ​​your website for better profit.

    13. Become a Virtual Assistant

    If you are well planned and well organized, it will help you establish yourself as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks. For example, you can perform regular accounting, data entry, email management, search, and more.

    Being a virtual assistant is not only a great way to increase your income but also a great way to share relationships with important people. Not only that, the market and demand for VA will only increase.

    Many small business owners are looking at virtual assistants rather than full-time employees.

    Virtual Assistant jobs can be viewed on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and

    14. Publish Kindle Books

    If you dream of writing a book in your life, this is a great time. The publishing revolution has made it possible for anyone to make money from books.

    Keep in mind that the lower the entry threshold, the more intense the competition. By writing the best books and meeting the expectations of your readers, you can increase your chances of success.

    When you publish a book on the Kindle platform, all aspects of the publishing process are under your control. This means that you are responsible for editing, proofreading, formatting, cover downloads, uploading to Amazon, book description and marketing.

    Read these tips on how to become a better author:

    • Carefully examine the market segments to make sure there is a viable book market that is not very competitive but has effective readers.
    • Write the best books and hire professional writers.
    • Introducing the cover and description of a high-quality book. If you need to sell a book, these two items work together.
    • Publish your book in a series and try to conquer a particular market.

    15. Becoming an Influencer on Instagram

    Instagram is among the top social networking platforms. But are you aware that you can earn a lot of money on that platform?

    It’s hard to make a lot of money on Instagram, but it’s a very simple way to make money online. Top brands and other companies will actually pay you for posting information about your company or for showcasing any of their products.

    In general, the revenue of each post depends on the size and loyalty of the fans. You can expect to receive notifications and the cost of each post can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Attracting many viewers on Instagram takes time, but if you enjoy taking photos, you no longer have to worry about spending too much time on your phone and posting regularly. It is worth the effort.

    16. Email Marketing

    Keep track of the number of emails you receive in your inbox each day. Many of these may be email journals that you have registered. Some people can’t stand opening it every day, while others want to know how it reaches you.

    Creating email updates is a great way to engage your target audience and build a strong and sustainable business. According to the Daily Email, leaving the company aside, generated millions of dollars in revenue.

    Most importantly, it is not difficult to start using electronic communications. It has never been easier for platforms like ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp and Aweber.

    You need to consider this process.

    • Determine the appropriate location and email style
    • Choose an Email Marketing Provider
    • Create a simple login page and manage the number of visits to this page
    • E-mail this list regularly
    • The purpose of the mailing list is to establish a trusting relationship so that users can open the email every day.

    If you have a large list of people opening email, there are many ways to monetize this list. For example:

    • Sell ​​digital products
    • Provide membership courses
    • Send subscribers member offers
    • Sales Sponsor

    17. Narrating Audiobooks

    The audiobook industry is full of people and people who love to listen to books.

    Audiobooks are available to many authors. They only have to spend a few cents on the book and they can change people. If your voice is good, converting it to audiobooks is a good opportunity.

    One of the most common forms of commentary is registering with ACX, a service that connects publishers and authors of audiobooks.

    When signing up for the first service, turn on the microphone and recorder to create an example that demonstrates your voice skills.

    If you want to upgrade, you need to create a configuration file in Upwork and start the current voice transfer session.

    18. Freelancing

    There are many freelancing sites, hungry users everywhere, they are looking for knowledgeable people. The demand for self-employed people is greater than ever.

    Some of the most popular freelance websites are:

    • Upwork
    • Independent
    • Fiverr
    • Guru

    Creating a niche market is a criterion for success on these platforms. As a freelancer, the worst thing is to recognize yourself as a brand. The competition is so fierce that it needs to be evaluated as a contact point for certain types of users.

    No matter what your brand is, create a profile, create some relevant templates to showcase your skills, and then start creating a presentation.

    If you really want to make money on platforms like Upwork, please look for Freelance to win. This website will help you to become a highly paid freelancer.

    19. Sell Your Programming Services or Software

    Learning to code is a valuable skill. Are you a freelance developer, looking for your a way to sell your knowledge, or developing and building your own program?

    With enough knowledge, you can perform tasks such as creating consumer applications, websites or mobile apps, and even mobile games. Many successful companies rely on this program.

    Most of the current apps are created by big companies, but if you check the Google Play or Apple Store, you will see that many popular apps are created by people like you.

    If you want to make money through one or more programs, you can also use one of the following methods:

    • Do a market study to find out what people need now.
    • Create an MVP version of the program
    • Get feedback from novices and beta testers
    • Combine reviews and release the first version of the product
    • Plan marketing activities according to your budget

    If you spend a lot of time creating and selling your own software, you can immediately use your programming skills to become a freelance translator.

    When you take the time to explore the best freelancing platforms (e.g., Upwork and Freelancer), you will find a variety of products to suit your skills. Alternatively, you can visit to browse various remote programming sites.

    20. Becoming a Graphic Designer

    If you have the ability to paint, or if you like playing games in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can use these skills to make money online.

    You can use the freelance platform above to create configuration files and start distributing them or test your knowledge on platforms such as 99designs. This site competes with other designers for specific projects. If the client likes your design, you can select a project and start editing.

    Another way graphic designers get customers is offline. Take the time to go to your chamber of commerce or explore your city. You may find many companies that require knowledge of graphic design. This will be in the form of a new logo, pamphlet, or company.

    You can try to find your local association. These startups and other companies usually require your design knowledge.

    21. Selling of Templates for Web Design

    If you know how to design your own template, this is a great opportunity to provide you with a stable income when you complete your favourite work.

    For example, the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace is an ideal place to start selling your own non-exclusive web design templates. You can use an author-based pricing structure to define value and have full control over your income.

    You can upload products by categories such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento and VirtueMart.

    TemplateMonster also has a profitable membership plan. According to that condition, the first order taken through the referral link will be given a 30% commission, and every subsequent sale from the customer will be given a 10% commission.

    Authors participating in the membership program can double their profits, receives 95%—65% commissions and 30% membership commissions to sell their products on the market.

    In addition, you can see sites such as ThemeForest and Webflow. It’s been a while, but we may adopt a stricter pricing method, so we need to understand what kind of business we can do before purchasing.

    If it’s your experience, give it a try.

    22. Investing in Crypto Coins

    Cryptocurrencies may appear on your radar in the Bitcoin stream. But if you didn’t invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies a few years ago, it’s not too late.

    Investing in cryptocurrencies is very similar to other types of investments and involves some risks. By educating yourself on how to educate yourself on time, you can make a profitable health investment in the long run.

    The first step in a cryptocurrency adventure is to quickly improve your knowledge and skills. BitDegree is a very useful resource that includes useful tutorials and tutorials that can further enhance your knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

    There are several ways to make money with cryptocurrencies, for example:

    • Research about cryptocurrency before you buy it or before it increases in value
    • Learn how to encrypt and use blockchain
    • Become a cryptocurrency writer
    • Find a job at a cryptocurrency company

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are still in their infancy, but now is the time to learn the skills you need to position yourself well.

    23. Becoming a Web Developer

    If you don’t have programming skills, the first step is to learn to code. After learning this, it was time to start looking for a job. Create a profile on sites like Upwork and Freelancer before you start promoting paid jobs.

    To increase your chances of success, it is very helpful to create a niche market for yourself, thereby creating your own profile and investment portfolio.

    For example, you may need to create a website for a real estate agent or real estate agency. Or you want to learn how to create an e-commerce website using WooCommerce and WordPress.

    First, make sure you need knowledge. Many publications on your skills have been published. Then start your own web design business and start promoting related work.

    24. Review New Websites and Offer Reviews

    Do you know what a good design is, or what a good website or application is? If so, you can quickly make money online, leave comments and write down any mistakes you may make.

    For example, maybe someone’s content is hard to understand. Is the plan unclear? Is the navigation menu too complicated? This is valuable information that will greatly improve your internet business.

    Multiple sites provide services for such feedback. The most popular application and control sites include:

    1. Usertest
    2. Ubertesters
    3. Userlytics
    4. Testbirds
    5. Userfeel
    6. TryMyUI

    25. Selling of Stock Photos

    If you want to take pictures and videos, you can make money with this enthusiasm.

    Many websites allow you to upload photos and photos. These sites have a large customer base and when someone approves your image, you get paid.

    Some of the biggest photo sites are:

    • Shutterstock
    • iStockPhoto

    If you are a videographer, here are some of the best sites:

    • VideoHive
    • Pond5
    • VideoBlocks
    • Dissolve

    When creating a stock portfolio, take the time to explore previous markets and find the most popular patterns.

    Then build a niche market and charge as much as possible. The larger the portfolio, the greater the success.

    In addition to making money from photos and videos, similar sites can also help you attract a business audience.

    26. Online Tutorials for Kids

    Teaching English and educating students around the world is a great way to make money online. If you are in an English-speaking country/region, then you already have the potential to succeed.

    You can also get an ESL Certificate to increase your chances of success and finding a job.

    Generally, you can earn $25 per hour for Skype student training.

    If you are interested in such work, visit:

    • Learn4Good
    • VerbalPlanet
    • Chegg Tutors

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