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13 best and Top VPN services of 2023 (reviewed & Ranked)

13 best and Top VPN services of 2022 (reviewed & Ranked)

We used to wait for the coffee to check our emails, move to the public subway network to see if it was raining, connect to the library’s Wi-Fi to finish some work, etc.

However, browsing the web with public Wi-Fi is not the safest way to provide digital security.  In fact, it allows intruders to gain access to your device and may steal some sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and bank account information.

Fortunately, VPN services encrypt web traffic in tunnels and replace IP addresses, allowing you to securely join a public Wi-Fi network.  We have tested dozens of VPNs for speed and security and here are some suggestions.

1. Mullvad VPN


Mullvad VPN was launched in Sweden in 2008. It is one of the most transparent VPN service providers on the market due to its clear ownership.  As of 2019, there are more than 370 servers in more than 30 countries.  According to Mullvad, “Privacy is a universal right”, they try to maintain that spirit in their products.

Besides, it is compatible with almost all browsers and devices, making it one of the most profitable VPN service providers in the world.

Features include:

  • Allows users to surf locally blocked websites (fights censorship)
  • Great speed
  • VPN Kill switch
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Protection against mass surveillance
  • Fights blocking and throttling
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Industry-standard strong encryption (AES-256-bit)
  • Anonymous account (without any private information)

Price: It offers a single pricing plan at a flat for up to 5GBP/month.

2. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN Service Provider was released in 2016 and is based in Toronto, Canada. It is a relatively new VPN provider, but one of the best in the industry.

Windscribe has amassed a lot of brownie points about its focus on innovation and data privacy.  The good news is that it offers a free pricing program with basic features that allow you to test the product before upgrading to any of the paid programs.

Also, they have servers in more than 60 countries and 110 cities.

Features include:

  • Strictly no logs policy
  • Port forwarding
  • Split tunnelling
  • Firewall
  • Secure hotspot
  • Proxy gateway
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Autopilot (picks the best location for you)
  • Double Hop (proxy connection through any two servers)
  • AES-256 cypher with SHA512 authority and a 4096-bit RSA key
  • Timewarp (changes your time zones)
  • Cookie Monster (keeps a tab on cookies and deletes them)
  • Huge network (60 countries and 110 cities)
  • R.O.B.E.R.T. feature (blocks ads of all your choices)

Price: Windscribe VPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $9/month
  • Yearly plan: $4.08/month ($49/year)
  • Custom plan: $1/location/month

3. Overplay VPN


Overplay VPN offers a great VPN service that is available in more than 50 countries around the world.  It has a wide range of features, such as unlimited server switching and excellent cost-effectiveness.  In addition, it supports all browsers and devices, which makes it a great choice.

Features include:

  • Anonymous browsing
  • Access to censored media and websites
  • PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols
  • More than 650 servers in over 50 countries
  • User-friendly apps
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Zero internet traffic logs
  • SmartDNS (provide access to restricted web content)
  • Unlimited region and server switching
  • Unlimited bandwidth and Peer-to-Peer traffic
  • Three simultaneous VPN connections

Price: Overplay VPN offers two pricing options:

  • Uncensored internet:

            a. Monthly plan: $4.95/month

            b. Annual plan: $49.95/year

  • Uncensored internet plus encryption:

a. Monthly plan: $9.95/month

b. Annual plan: $99.95/year

4. Buffered VPN


Based in Gibraltar, Buffered VPN is one of the most innovative VPN service providers available.

Thanks to the well-designed website and ease of use, it is very popular with new Internet users.  However, with 27 server locations worldwide, it is not as visible or important as the other major market players.  However, the lack of volume does not only compensate for the level of service.

The best thing about Buffered VPN is the advanced data encryption.  This allows you to enjoy an unlimited browsing experience.

Features include:

  • AES-256-bit data encryption (military grade)
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Server switching (unlimited)
  • The location ensures it is free from data retention laws
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections allowed
  • User information not logged
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers
  • NAT firewall

Price: Buffered VPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $12.99/month
  • Annual plan: $79/month
  • Two-year plan: $99/two years

5. TorGuard VPN


TorGuard VPN is an impressive and excellent VPN service provider on this list.

With 3,000+ servers in 50+ countries, it is a great platform for bypassing censorship and accessing blocked and blocked websites.  It is also located in Southeast Asia, which is very rare for most VPN service providers.

It is an affordable combination of some of the most beautiful features.  In short, it provides users with good value for money.

Features include:

  • Has a kill switch
  • Domain system leak protection
  • Multiple GCM and CBC ciphers
  • OpenConnect SSL Based VPN
  • TorGuard Stealth Proxy
  • No Logs Kept, 100% Private
  • Malware, phishing, and ad blocker
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • NAT firewall
  • Supports UDP and TCP
  • Perfect forward secrecy (TLS)
  • DNS leak protection
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Allows 8 simultaneous connections

Price: TorGuard VPN offers four pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $9.99/month
  • Quarterly plan: $19.99/month
  • Biannual plan: $29.99/month
  • Annual plan: $59.99/month

6. HideMyAss VPN

Hide My Ass

HideMyAss (HMA VPN), based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2005, is one of the best VPN service providers on the market today. Since 2016, it has become a subsidiary of the Czech security giant, Avast.

In 2018, the company had more than 8,000 servers in 280 locations worldwide.  Also, there are more than 3000 IP addresses.

Features include:

  • Automatic connection rules
  • Unblocks access to geo-restricted content
  • Servers that operate at 20gbps
  • 100% hidden IP address
  • One subscription can connect up to 5 devices
  • Smart kill switch
  • DDoS protection
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Split tunnelling
  • P2P optimized servers

Price: HideMyAss VPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $11.99/month
  • Annual plan: $83.88/year
  • 36-month plan: $154.44/36 months

7. VyprVPN


It was founded between 2009 and 2010 and is owned by Golden Frog, based in Switzerland. With excellent customer support, an extensive network of servers, and unique software, it is one of the best VPN service providers on the market today.

Besides, it ranks high in the list of “The most powerful VPNs in the world”. With more than 200,000 IP addresses and 700 servers in 50+ locations, VyprVPN stands out from many competitors.  The best part is managing all the software, hardware, and networks independently.

Features include:

  • VPN kill switch
  • Strong AES-256-bit encryption
  • Cyphr (a personal messaging service which does not log any user data)
  • Proprietary, built-in DNS servers
  • Blocks malware, phishing attempts, and ads
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Public Wi-Fi protection
  • Audited no-log VPN
  • High-end encryption/NAT firewall
  • Chameleon tool (helps users overcome local censorship and access prohibited sites)

Price: VyprVPN offers four pricing options:

  • Normal monthly plan: $9.95/month
  • Premium monthly plan: $12.95/month
  • Standard annual plan: $45/year
  • Advanced annual plan: $60/year

8. TunnelBear VPN


Founded in 2011, TunnelBear VPN is one of the best VPN service providers on the market.  Based in Toronto, Canada, it was acquired by McAfee in 2018.

One of the defining features of this is that it offers excellent corporate VPN services.  Additionally, a 500MB trial version of VPN is available for you to try out for yourself.

Not a huge product, it is currently one of the most affordable service providers on the market.  Besides, you can surf the Internet with addresses in more than 20 countries.

Features include:

  • Vigilant Mode available on advanced plans (prevents data leaks when you get disconnected from your Wi-Fi)
  • Can connect up to 5 devices on a single connection
  • Strong AES-256-bit encryption
  • Bypass local censorship
  • Access global content
  • Prevent IP-based tracking
  • Compatible with multiple devices and browsers
  • Whitelisting of trusted networks
  • GhostBear (an advanced feature that lets you bypass areas that block VPN)
  • One of the cheapest products in the market (value-based)
  • Conducts annual, independent security audits (one of the very few VPN service providers to do this)
  • Zero user log (Canada has no laws on data retention)

Price: TunnelBearVPN offers two pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $9.99/month
  • Annual plan: 59.88/month

9. UltraVPN


UltraVPN is one of the newest VPN providers on the market today.  In terms of features, they check all the right boxes and offer great value for money, as they are cheaper than most competitors with the same features.

With more than 55 server locations, it is one of the “truly global” VPN service providers.  The best part offers excellent services in areas such as Eastern Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.  In addition, they are very easy to use and have strict security measures.

Features include:

  • Allows torrenting
  • Zero logging policy
  • Extremely secure firewall
  • Can get around government censorship with ease
  • Full access to social media
  • High compatibility with Netflix streaming (it has a dedicated server just for Netflix)
  • VPN kill switch feature (for additional security)
  • No bandwidth gaps and speed loss
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 100% security even when using public Wi-Fi

Price: UltraVPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $7.99/month
  • Annual plan: $45/year
  • 6-month plan: $35.94/six months

10. CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has been in the industry for over 15 years and provides fast and secure VPN services for unlimited streaming and browsing.

With the online privacy tool, you can unblock streaming services, stream sports events, receive more online promotions, and visit blocked sites.  Also, their platform ensures data security by hiding IP addresses, protecting banking transactions, and protecting digital identities.

With one subscription, you can protect up to 7 devices at once and hide the server with hundreds of options.

Features include:

  • Smart rules and manually configured privacy triggers.
  • Kill switches to make sure your real IP address is never exposed.
  • A strict “no logs” policy so that your data is never stored.
  • One-click connect to anonymize your internet connection.
  • 24/7 live customer support.
  • Secure file sharing with no bandwidth limits.
  • 120 server locations in over 88 countries for a total of 6,200+ servers.

Price: $2.75/month.

11. IPVanish VPN

IPvanish VPN

IPVanish was first released in 2012 and is based in the United States.  It started with 32 servers per Windows OS client and expanded to iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Fire TV. With more than 40,000 shared IP addresses and more than 1,300 servers, it is present in more than 75 locations worldwide.

Features include:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Zero traffic logs
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • AES-256 encryption, one of the strongest in the market
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • Geo-locked content access and no geo-restrictions
  • Access to censored apps and websites
  • IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols
  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • More than 40,000 shared IP addresses
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices
  • More than 1300 VPN servers in over 75 locations globally

Price: IPVanish VPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $10/month
  • 3-month plan: $26.99/three months
  • Annual plan: $77.99/year

12. NordVPN


NordVPN was first released in 2012 and is one of the best VPN service providers out there.  As of September 2019, it operates on more than 5,500 servers in more than 60 countries.  Most servers are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.

In addition to the public VPN server, it provides various services such as P2P sharing, dual encryption, and anonymous Tor network connection.

One of its advantages is the strategic location of Panama. For legal reasons, Panama does not have a mandatory data retention method.

Features include:

  • Unblocks difficult countries like China
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Browser proxy extension
  • Lightning speed and Live Streaming
  • SmartPlay (allows you to access your favorite streaming sites securely)
  • CyberSec (blocks suspicious websites automatically leading to increased protection)
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Onion over VPN
  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Sharing
  • High-Speed VPN
  • Military-grade security encryption
  • Offers a double VPN feature
  • Fully hidden IP Address
  • Stringent No Logs Policy

Price: NordVPN offers four pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $11.95/month
  • Yearly plan: $83.88/year
  • 2-year plan: $119.76/two years
  • 3-year plan: $125.64/three years

13. ExpressVPN

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a VPN service provided by ExpressVPN International Ltd, first launched in 2009 and registered in the British Virgin Islands.

This software is primarily available as a privacy and security tool that encrypts your web traffic and hides your IP address.

Launched as one of the largest VPN services in the world, it covers 94 countries and more than 150 sites and operates more than 2,500 remote servers worldwide.  The largest number of servers are located in Brazil, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Features include:

  • Allows you to stream online sports
  • Protects you against rogue attacks on public Wi-Fi
  • No data is written to the hard drive, which results in ensuring the security
  • No connection and activity logs
  • Access content, even blocked sites, from anywhere in the world ( even while travelling)
  • 16 server locations across 94 countries
  • Allows anonymous browsing
  • Full IP address masking
  • VPN split tunnelling
  • Private, encrypted, zero-knowledge DNS

Price: ExpressVPN offers three pricing options:

  • 1-month plan: $12.95/month
  • 6-month plan: $59.94/six months
  • Annual plan: $99.84/year

14. PureVPN

pure vpn

PureVPN is another transparent VZN service provider with GZ support.  Based in Hong Kong, more than 2,000 servers are operating in 180 server locations.

Apart from that, it provides more than 300,000 IP addresses and is currently one of the best on the market.  PureVPN is also the first VPN service provider to be fully compliant with the GDPR.

Features include:

  • Dedicated IP (premium)
  • P2P protection (premium)
  • Certified no-log policy
  • Kodi and Chromebook solutions
  • Port forwarding option (premium)
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Internet kill switch
  • GDPR-compliant
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Fully encrypted even when you use public Wi-Fi
  • No data stored
  • Split tunnelling
  • 5 multi-logins

Price: PureVPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $10.95/month
  • Annual plan: $69.72/year
  • 2-year plan: $79.92/two years

15. Private Internet Access VPN

private internet access  vpn

Private Internet Access (PIA) was launched in 2010 and is one of the best VPN service providers on the market.  Located in Colorado, USA, it has 37 servers and more than 3,200 servers worldwide.

The price is equal to or lower than most competitors in the market, so it is cost-effective.  One of its advantages is that it has a clear owner, unlike many of its competitors.  However, the company does not disclose the number of available IP addresses.

Features include:

  • Blocks advertisements, malware, and phishing attempts
  • Great for torrenting
  • Secure apps (no leaks identified in testing)
  • Excellent privacy and security features
  • Port forwarding and DNS leak protection
  • Tested and proven no logs VPN provider
  • Can connect up to 10 devices at one time
  • Updated, user-friendly apps
  • P2P support
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Price: Private Internet Access offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $6.95/month
  • Annual plan: $39.95/year
  • 6-month plan: $35.95/six months

16. Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure vpn

Norton Secure VPN is a global leader in security products and solutions. One of the best things about this VPN service provider is that you know the owners as opposed to other VPN service providers who avoid disclosing ownership information.  Its transparency and strong support make it a better choice.

Besides, it offers a wide range of service domains with more than 200 server locations and 1,500 servers in 30 countries.

Features include:

  • Blocks unwanted advertisements that may track your activities
  • Access your favourite website, videos, and apps while on the go
  • Compatible operating systems like iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android
  • 100% encryption of data sent and received while using public Wi-Fi
  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Anonymous browsing

Price: Norton Secure VPN offers two major pricing options:

  • Monthly plan:

            a. $4.99 for one device

            b. $7.99 for five devices

            c. $9.99 for ten devices

  • Annual plan:

            a. $49.99 for one device

            b. $79.99 for five devices

            c. $99.99 for ten devices

17. StrongVPN


StrongVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers in the world, which started operating in 1994. Today, it is the market leader and one of the largest VPN providers in the world.

Currently available in 25+ cities, it has more than 950 servers and 59,000 IP addresses. Supported by good infrastructure, this is one of the best options when choosing a VPN service provider.

It also provides a dedicated IP address to meet your needs. In addition, it is very easy to use and two very profitable designs offer the best value for money.

However, its global presence is not as impressive, especially given its period of activity in the market.

Features include:

  • ‘Best Available Location’ option
  • Strong DNS
  • Certified no-logs policy
  • WireGuard protocol beta
  • Offers up to 12 simultaneous connections
  • Strong AES-256 Encryption
  • L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols
  • Security on public Wi-Fi
  • No speed limit
  • Zero logging of connections and activity

Price: StrongVPN offers two pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $10/month
  • Annual plan: $69.99/year

18. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield, managed by AnchorFree Inc., has been recognized internationally after being used during protests in the Arab Spring to avoid government censorship in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.

Hotspot Shield opened in California, USA in 2005 and has since expanded to Eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Russia.  Currently available in more than 70 countries, it has more than 2,500 servers and more than 50,000 IP addresses.

Features include:

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Support routers and media players
  • Kill switch feature
  • Wi-Fi Security (100% data encryption)
  • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, along with plugins for Chrome and Firefox
  • No-logs policy
  • 100% Ad-Free
  • Private browsing and unlimited content access
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Personal Data Security
  • Fully supports torrenting
  • Premium VPN Servers
  • Best-in-class malware, phishing, and spam protection

Price: Hotspot Shield offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $12.99/month
  • Annual plan: $95.88/month
  • 2-year plan: $167.66/two years

19. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark One

Surfshark is a relatively new player in the VPN market and is based in the British Virgin Islands.  Most of its customers are located all over Europe. It has more than 800 servers in more than 45 countries, utilizing this to ensure optimal service.

It is definitely compatible with countries like Australia, Germany, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands. The pricing plan is a bit expensive, but it just does not compensate for the features it offers.

Features include:

  • NoBorders mode allows you to use the internet in restricted areas
  • Private DNS and leak protection
  • Kill switch incorporated
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Camouflage mode for that additional layer of security
  • MultiHop (lets you connect via multiple countries at once)
  • Unlimited device connectivity all at once
  • CleanWeb feature ensures you are free from malware and phishing attempts and surf without any ads or trackers
  • The whitelist feature allows split-tunnelling
  • You can effectively hide your IP address
  • Allows split tunnelling
  • Industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption
  • Default IKEv2/IPsec secure protocol

Price: Surfshark VPN offers three pricing options:

  • Monthly plan: $11.95/month
  • Annual plan: $71.88/month
  • 2-year plan: $47.76/two years

Final words

Cybersecurity has become more and more important day by day, and the impact of data breaches is becoming apparent across all sectors.  Therefore, it is imperative that you provide the highest possible level of security for your online activities.  After all, you can never be too sure.

A proper VPN helps protect your network and web hosting from hackers, unwanted listeners, and of course the government.  VPN service providers can provide you with a haven from excessive espionage and attention.  It’s also a great way to protect your privacy, stream more content, and not worry about browsing the web.

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