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6+ best online reputation management software (2023)

    6+ best online reputation management software (2022)

    Online reputation management is valuable to any business owner. A bad reputation can significantly damage your brand and business.  Fortunately, we have reputation management tools to help you manage your online reputation without professional help.

    If you are new to reputation management, take a moment to look at the list of the best reputation management software mentioned only by our experts.  An online reputation management program helps you manage and interpret online reviews.  Using high-quality reputation management software, it is easy to track review websites for new and existing negative reviews.

    Here’s our list of the seven best reputation management software in 2023.

    1. Mention


    Best for monitoring and managing social media mentions 

    Mention is a social media monitoring and management tool that helps you monitor the web, listen to viewers and manage social media. You can follow various online sources such as newspaper articles, blogs, forums, and review sites.  You can analyze data from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see what your customers are saying about you.

    Mention lets you perform complex keyword searches with easy access to all brand references.  You can filter your search by source, country, or language to remove noise by blocking specific sources or web pages. Mention also provides a daily summary of all the important details about your company’s mentions and Pulse emails for when you need mentions. To make it easier to organize, you can sort your mentions by priority, unread, archive, and favourites.

    Also, you get detailed dashboards and reports to help you understand all the trends and data through data visualization.  In addition, you can share all relevant reports with your team and give access to those who need them. You also have the option to schedule and receive reports directly in your mailbox. In addition to tracking, Mention also helps you create, program, and publish content from one place to multiple platforms.  Additionally, you can use the multi-channel editing calendar to organize and preview content for different platforms.

    Mention also allows you to analyze competitors’ reports, not only for your brand but also on forums, social media, and more.

    Price: Mention provides four pricing options:

    • Solo: $25/month
    • Pro: $83/month
    • ProPlus: $167/month
    • Company: $450+/month
    • Freemium: Free for up to 3 social accounts, 1000 Mentions, and one user

    2. Brandwatch


    Best online reputation management for mid-sized and large enterprises

    Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence platform that helps you manage your reputation and projects.  It helps you keep track of all your customers’ trends and talk about your brand or product, and of your even your competition. It uses AI technology features to discover all the articles, reviews, and conversations related to your brand or product. Additionally, the reputation management tool categorizes all these conversations into groups such as complaints, comments, and opinions.

    Besides, it provides live alerts and reports that include all customer information that can be shared across your organization.  This allows you to respond quickly to all negative comments and protect your brand reputation before it is too late. Brandwatch analyzes all the images related to your brand by revealing the objects, scenes, actions, and logos in each image, except for the text references.

    You can also analyze your data using live surveys, web behaviour, and more. Also, Brandwatch generates detailed reports based on various metrics that can be communicated via Excel, PPT, PDF, or the Brandwatch API.

    Price: Contact the vendor.

    3. Brand24


    Best for social media monitoring

    This is an online reputation management service that helps you keep track of your competition, track your social media, and improve your online reputation.  It provides a unique ability to automatically analyze emotions that detects and analyzes positive, negative, and neutral signals related to your work.  Besides, you will receive push notifications whenever you have a negative report on your business or product. This allows you to respond immediately to all dissatisfied customers.

    Also, you can follow and participate in all the online reviews, blogs, social media reports, bulletin boards, news sites, and much more online. In addition, you can handle online reports to increase customer satisfaction and improve communication.  Besides, you can measure your PR and marketing efforts by tracking the number of reports and social media metrics such as loyalty, likes, and comments. You will also receive an automatic daily or weekly report that can also be exported to PDF and Excel.

    There is also a built-in hashtag tracker that can track different hashtags related to your online business used on different platforms. You can also determine the effectiveness of your social media campaign by counting the number of times your media reach and hashtags are reported on social media. The tool also provides integration with Instagram, Facebook, Slack, and more.

    Price: Brand24 offers three pricing options:

    • Plus: $49/month (tracks up to 5,000 mentions per month)
    • Premium: $99/month (tracks up to 100,000 mentions per month)
    • Max: $199/month (tracks up to 250,000 mentions per month)

    4. Yext


    Best for monitoring how your customers interact with your brand

    Yext is a New York-based online reputation management software that helps you manage your brand name online.  It also provides brand updates through cloud-based application networks and search engines. The platform syncs business information across more than 150 directories such as Apple Siri, Google Maps, Yelp, and Yahoo.  It also helps you monitor and control all business-related information on the web.

    Yext provides a Knowledge Graph feature that helps you list your business and present all the details about your brand.  With this feature, you can answer questions from all customers, including product offers, store locations, job postings, and business credentials.  In addition, it tracks business location information and automatically synchronizes this information across all sites. The platform can also sync information such as phone numbers, addresses, company names, coupons, and mobile wallet content.

    Also, Yext helps you create more potential customers by providing your customers with the best information about your business.  You can also integrate the Yext control panel with other business tools you need, such as Tableau, Domo, HubSpot, and Zendesk. This feature also helps simplify all of your business tasks in one place.

    Other primary solutions include:

    • Review Monitoring: Monitor all your customer feedback and engage with them to improve their experience.
    • Yext Pages: It puts your marketing team in control of your brand’s landing pages and provides consistent answers related to your business.
    • Yext Analytics: It lets you monitor where and how your customers interact with your brand. You can also monitor metrics like total brand impressions, clicks, and conversions.
    • Industry Benchmarking: This feature lets you monitor how your product is performing in different locations.

    Price: Yext offers four pricing options:

    • Emerging: $4/week
    • Essential: $9/week
    • Complete: $10/week
    • Premium: $19/week

    5. Reputology


    Best for monitoring and analyzing online reviews

    Reputology is review and online reputation management software that helps you analyze and reply to online reviews about your brand. You can follow sites such as Facebook, Google, multiple review sites, and app guides. It also monitors all reviews written on your site, product, or service at all times from your dashboard.

    Besides, Reputology provides automatic email notifications as soon as customers leave comments or questions. Reach customers in a timely manner with a direct response from the reputation interface. Plus, Reputology incorporates semantic analysis technology that modifies and analyzes journal details and transforms them into actionable data. You can also run surveys to receive customer feedback and view detailed data on charts, dashboards, graphs, and more.

    Price: Reputology offers three pricing options:

    • Partner: $25 per seat per month
    • Agency: $40 per seat per month
    • Professional: $60 per seat per month


    Best for local businesses targeting a niche audience offers a solution that will help you manage your reputation by being seen, selected and approved. It manages your brand’s reputation, manages contact points for all your customers, and uses customer feedback to improve your site ranking. Customer feedback also helps you interact with our customers and improve our services and products.

    In general, integrates with customer relationship management software, rating systems, social networking sites, search engines, property management systems, and more. It also claims to increase clicks and visits to your site by 70%.

    Other services include:

    • Conduct surveys and ask for feedback
    • Monitor and handle conversations happening about your brand on social platforms
    • Engage with local directories and manage and update location data in real-time
    • Request, manage and monitor all your reviews on Google, Facebook, and various other review sites – from a single dashboard
    • Control your business listings on Facebook, Google, etc

    Price: Contact the vendor.

    7. Birdeye


    Best overall reputation management software

    Birdeye is an online reputation management and evaluation software that helps you collect reviews, communicate with your customers, and attract more potential clients. It provides you with a messaging platform that allows your team to communicate with your prospects. In addition, you can communicate via SMS, live chat, SMS, and group messaging.

    This platform helps you manage your reputation by offering different services for different business purposes. This is great for boosting your business reputation, including increasing customer loyalty to your business, searching the internet, increasing customer ratings, getting customer referrals, and gaining more potential customers. It supports your business goals and to achieve these goals, you can take advantage of services such as video chat, web surveys, surveys, customer information, webchats, bulk text messaging, and business listings.

    You can now receive customer reviews directly on your site, search and receive reviews in real-time. And because it integrates directly with Google, all reviews are recorded directly on Google.  Not only that, but Birdeye directs customers to the best review sites to share reviews of their services and products. Also, you can access all customer reviews directly from one place via the control panel.

    Birdeye also creates referral links for customers so they can share them with family and friends on social media. The all-in-one control panel also helps you keep track of reviews, referrals, notifications, potential customers, and clicks. Additionally, you can view all conversations and reply to online chats, emails, and Facebook Messenger messages.  All this can be done from the dashboard.

    These are some of the messaging and communication services you get from Birdeye:

    1. Video Chat: Start video calls with your customers in just a click with features like screen share, call recording, HD quality, and more
    2. Bulk Texting: Text customers in mass numbers in the way they prefer. You can also create custom templates for different types of customers
    3. Receptionist Feature: It lets you answer calls without picking up the phone. The Receptionist feature converts call voicemails into a text form that helps you deal faster with your customers
    4. Chatbot: Birdeye comes with a built-in chatbot named Robin that identifies and answers repeated questions automatically

    Price: Birdeye offers three quote-based plans, which are, Standard, Professional, and Premium.

    Final words

    These are just a few of the online reputation management software you can use.

    Attracting customers today has more to do with customer support than the actual product. It is important that your brand displays excellent customer service and is informed about the reviews of happy and satisfied customers. In fact, statistics show that 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as they trust friends and family.

    Therefore, it is important to receive positive reviews and work on negative reviews immediately. Fortunately, these online reputation management tools help you manage all aspects of your brand’s online reputation management, including customer reviews.

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