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17 best Learning Management Systems of 2023

    17 best Learning Management Systems of 2022

    Learning management systems have aided Online learning gained massive popularity in recent times. As the world shifts from classroom learning to remote online learning, there is a need to develop systems and processes to manage the learning experience of online learners. So far, the online learning market is worth over $144 billion and is likely to be worth over $300 billion by the year 2026.

    A learning management system is a tool or software package that is used by organizations or institutions to train their staff or customers. It is used to train, monitor, and report activities involved in learning.

    Advantages of Learning Management Systems

    • Learners earn a certificate after completing a course.
    • It makes learning easier and more fun by including badges, points, and leaderboards.
    • You can Customize the software based on your needs.
    • Remove the learning skill gap with the reporting and analysis of the learner’s ability.
    • Most learning management systems come with multi-lingual support for companies with offices all over the world.
    • Some learning management systems can integrate with third-party apps like Gmail and Flash.
    • Platforms with live chat and group chat allow learners to collaborate and share information amongst themselves to encourage teamwork.
    • It can be a good place to sell your content to learners that might find it useful.
    • Some platforms allow blended learning with

    When looking for a Learning Management system to choose from, follow these procedures;

    • Determine the number of learners or users of the platform.
    • List the features that will be of use to your users.
    • Explore the platform based on the features you require.
    • Request for a free trial.
    • Check for customer support.

    Observe if the user experience is satisfactory.

    Ask for commercials to know if it fits your budget.

    Top 17 Learning Management Systems in 2023



    Docebo is an AI-based system to automate repetitive Time-consuming tasks. They are one of the most prominent online platforms with clients like Bloomberg. It comes with many useful features and uses the coach and shared philosophy.

    Docebo helps businesses to manage, organize and centralize learning activities to create a beautiful user experience for the learners.

    It has a unique feature known as Docebo Discover, Coach & Share, which gives learners they platform to share their learning experiences by inviting their friends and building an online community.

    This platform uses AI to make sure content gets to learners easily and quickly.


    Advanced Reporting – You can track the impact of your training with a customizable dashboard that shows you only the desired data.

    eCommerce – The user interface is easy to use when browsing for content you want to buy on the platform.

    Reward – You can increase the engagement of your users by using badges, gift items, and awards to encourage learning.


    • You can monitor learner’s engagement to measure progress.
    • Extensions can be used to improve functionality and improve learning.
    • Improve knowledge retention by organizing competitions and leaderboards.
    • You can create a learning environment to improve your brand visibility.



    LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that allows you to upload course content on the Internet. You can create new content using the custom post and easy-to-use user interface.

    Businesses can charge a fee before learners can access their content online. It is also built with an extensive library and third-party add-ons with other integrations you can leverage on.

    Businesses can also post an infinite number of their courses online. Beginners will find this platform simple to use as it provides a drag and drops feature that can be used to create new courses and post them online.


    Focus Mode – These features give your learners a dedicated environment for virtual learning by removing all distractions.

    Flexible Prerequisites – With these features, learners can choose what they want to learn and with the order they want.

    Course Bundle – They are courses that they offer to teach how to monetize your content.


    • There are eight different questions you can choose from to form an engaging quiz
    • You can award points to learners based on performance.
    • Third-party Integration with Stripe and PayPal.
    • It is compatible with mobile devices.
    • It can integrate well with WordPress and other social media channels


    Their pricing plan starts from $159 up to $329 each year.



    Blackboard offers a learning management solution for businesses that are looking for a premium solution. Administrators can design their online content to include tests and build the system using a plugin library known as Blackboard Building Blocks.

    It offers either self-hosting, cloud-based hosting, and managed hosting. Blackboard can also integrate with the student information system of learning institutions. It comes with a collaboration tool that is dependable with an analytics and mass notification system.


    Data-driven decision – You can get actionable insights from a large data set gotten from the learning management system to make a more informed decision.

    Extensive third-party Integration –It has a long list of partners you can work with to improve functionality. You can integrate with applications that you already work with.

    Offers robust integration with applications that you are already working on. Leverage its large list of global channel partners for smoother integration.

    No Downtime – The platform is updated regularly without any need to take down the system.


    • The Web conferencing feature allows learners to connect using any device.
    • Continuous updates are done monthly to aid users to adapt to the changes easily.
    • Learners with different abilities can learn at their own pace.
    • It comes with 24/7 support.


    The plan is done per request basis.



    JoomlaLMS is a great choice for businesses that want a learning platform that is capable and cost-effective. You can Customize to suit your brand and comes with multi-lingual feature. You can also configure the front page.

    It also comes with in-built functions such as groups, group management, and also learners profile that is customizable. You can also import and export user lists. Administrators can organize different courses into different categories.


    Manage User Roles – it allows admins to manage, modify and assign user roles based on the requirements.

    Media Rich Course Content-Rich and engaging content can be made by uploading different file formats like video, audio,.zip, and links.

    Control Course Display – You can choose to display your courses in either Grid or list view and switch from Teacher to student’s mode to know how learners view the course.


    • Courses can be grouped into categories for a better learning experience.
    • You can set the course availability period and manage how accessible it should be.
    • You can create courses quickly with the in-built course builder.
    • Students can find courses easily with the help of the search results.


    It comes with a paid plan that starts from $37 each month. You can also get plans based on certain requirements with their Enterprise plan.

    Adobe Captivate Prime


    This platform is a great helix for businesses that want complete control over how they set up their course contents. It is designed to give a modern learning experience.

    Businesses can train their staff and customers through a fun learning experience. It also utilizes an AI-based social learning system to aid learners to learn at their pace and also learn from their peers.


    Extended Enterprise & Partner Training –

    Learners can update their skillset and partner with organizations to extend learning outside their space.

    Customer Education – Customers can be trained with a customized URL. Users can be updated on the latest content on their favourite course.

    Discussion Boards – Learners can post content on discussion boards based on different categories like job groups, skills, or any topic relevant to them.


    • Learners can create questions and get answers from other users.
    • You can mark users into different categories such as public-private, or restricted.
    • Learners can follow the subject matter they find interesting.
    • Learners can also measure the activity levels of different boards.
    • Users can choose who contributes to their discussion.


    Learners have access to a 30-day free trial. Each registered user will pay $4 each month to access the platform.

    SAP Litmos LMS


    SAP Litmos has millions of users all over the world and also has top companies like Mercedes and YouTube as partners. It has a worldwide delivery system that is secured and dependable. It makes use of targeted learning for users. User experience is top-notch and its brand is protected through user compliance.

    Those who are in charge of the training exercise have the right tools to monitor the training to ensure learners get the best experience. Learners are engaged in the flow of work while the key performance indicators are improved throughout the company.


    Video Assessments – Learners can be accessed via video conference call. Users can also upload their elevated pitches and product descriptions through video chat.

    Instructor-Led Training (ILT) – Virtual classrooms and training can be scheduled through the intuitive module. Users can also drop their feedback, assessments, and track their progress.

    Customized Learning Paths – Personalized learning paths can be made for each learner to improve engagement.


    • Notifications can be set based on the activities of different teams and learners.
    • Tasks such as assignments or enrollment can be automated.
    • You can monetize your courses and set up an online store through third-party Integration.
    • You can receive a custom report directly in your email.


    It offers a paid plan starting from $6 a month for each user. Although, at least 150 users must be registered to start.



    SkyPrep is a learning management system that allows businesses to Customize their learning interface and is well suited for corporate training. Administrators can include their brand logos, change colours and images, and also choose themes. eLearning certificates can also be customized including URLs.

    Administrators can upload learning content in the form of word documents, PDFs, videos, and audio that can be uploaded easily. The same contents can be used to make other courses to save time. Their assessment and survey features are quite powerful and dome automatically.


    Sophisticated Reporting – Learner’s performance can be measured using visual reports and performance profiles.

    Third-party Integration – It allows third-party Integration with other systems you already use.

    High-Grade Security – All the data are secured in the SSL cloud storage.


    • Customizable learning path.
    • You can log in with your social media accounts like Facebook and Gmail
    • It makes use of PCI-DSS to secure transactions.
    • Pre-packaged courses are offered to help launch the eCourse.


    It offers paid plans which start from $349 for a month for 100 active users.

    Academy of Mine


    This platform has a broad use case. It is best for continuing education, B2B training, and professional development. It is an all-in-one system well suited for professional training and certifications.

    It comes with a drag and drops course builder which makes it easier for newbies with no technical knowledge to build their courses. Its website builder can also be used to create Web and landing pages within a short time for your website.

    This platform is also working on different operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. It offers support for multiple languages like English, German, and French.


    Marketing Tool – It comes with marketing tools like Google Analytics, SEO, keyword research, and many more you can use to increase visibility.

    Dashboard- You can track your Learner’s progress by integrating a dashboard for instructors and learners.

    Drip Features– You can use these features to control your course catalog and the path it follows. You can also choose to lock and unlock content based on certain criteria.


    • Course enrollment and access can be automated to save time.
    • Customer support is available 24/7.
    • You can create an online shop with customized pages.
    • You can customize the LMS to your taste without coding.


    It offers a paid plan of $449 a month. There is also a quote-based plan.



    This platform is specifically for mobile phone users and is used to train the workforce with relevant skills needed in the market. Some of its clients include Uber and Vodafone. Administrators can quickly design contents that are easy to understand and reaches gets to the mobile of the learners.

    It comes in the form of microlearning so learners stay focused and provide lots of information in a short time. This implies that learners can learn more by spending very little time. This learning style is also light, reduces the need for text while optimizing videos and audios for better engagement.


    Detailed Reporting – You can measure and analyze the performance of your content represented as graphical data to know how your team learners are progressing.

    Communication – You create and design informative content with images. Surveys can also be created to gather feedback from your members and teams.

    Teams Management – You can deliver information to the employees with the team management feature.


    • You can easily customize content delivery using the API.
    • A free trial is available for premium plans.
    • Monitor performance of learners.


    It offers pricing plans are based on requests. You also have the option of using a free trial before you make a purchase.



    Moodle is good for organizations that want a learning program for a global audience. You can create your eLearning website in some minutes. This platform can adapt to different learning models and you can run the courses fully online or a combination of offline and online learning.

    It s cloud-based, allowing users access to the course with any device having access to the Internet. Students can collaborate with teachers easily. Moodle has a large community that can assist you to fix bugs or problems. You can access their services for free but you will have to get their paid plans for dedicated services.


    Regular Updates – There is a larger community of developers to make sure new features are added to their open-source software.

    Customized Learning – You can design the user role to the design learning style

    Private Server – The LMS software can be deployed in a private server for better security.


    • Unlimited users can learn at the same time.
    • There is a customizable data reporting feature and dashboard.
    • It is accessible to both Windows and Android users.
    • Plugins can be integrated as an additional feature.


    You can access it for free. Although, an $80 per year fee can be paid if dedicated support is required.

    iSpring Learn


    It offers a solution for organizations looking to train their workforce. Users can gain access through any device even when offline. Employees’ learning can easily be tracked. The user interface is simple enough so you don’t get overwhelmed by the learning experience.

    Administrators can upload course content to the servers easily. There is unlimited storage space available to upload as many courses as required. You can also create design stories with quotes, and videos without the need for any special skills.


    SCORM Support – It provides support for SCORM 1.2 and 2004 learning content.

    Engaging Long content – Engaging and interactive long content containing audio, video, and pictures can be created.

    Exercises – You can add exercises and questions to get feedback on how well your employees are learning.


    • Long articles can be shared into subsections for easy navigation.
    • Give assessment tests to employees and receive notifications when they submit.
    • Create different groups for employees based on the training.


    Their services cost $770 and $970 per annum.



    Their solution is a stable, cost-efficient, and reliable solution for organizations. Their platform is open source and developers can improve their codebase. The user interface is simple and easy to use.

    Their community tries to keep their open-source system free with the up-to-date feature. It comes with the latest features. You can customize the platform to your taste, and get robust support through their online e-community. You can also quickly design simple and basic course content for your learners.


    Mobile-Friendly – Learners can access course content from their mobile devices.

    Customization – The user interface is customizable to meet your user interface.

    24/7 Support – You can access help from their online community at any time of the day.


    • You can push your business brand with their intuitive media.
    • It gives users a simple and interactive user interface.
    • Businesses can add extra features using plugins.
    • The website UI is easy to navigate.


    You can access this platform for free.



    Agylia is a standard learning management system that gives learners a modern learning experience. Their deployment capabilities are powerful and their client base is made of top organizations.

    The user interface is simple with sleek visuals. It also comes with a powerful search feature. It also has native Android and iOS apps for mobile users. Their native mobile apps have a smooth performance for efficient learning. eLearning can be customized to fit different learners based on their roles.


    Multi-Device Microlearning – Learners can connect using different devices. Their native mobile app also enables learners to gain access to their eLearning content offline.

    Integration with third-party software – It integrates well with third-party software like talent management systems, identity management systems, enterprise social networks. It also integrates well with Google map services.


    • Organize online webinars and training.
    • It offers smooth navigation for a smoother learning experience.
    • Learners can use push notifications and emails as reminders for important sessions they don’t want to miss.


    Their pricing plans are based on request

    Asentia LMS

    Asentia is compatible and well-suited for businesses that want a learning management system with an interactive user experience. It can combine modern ways of learning and the traditional method.

    You can swiftly add new learners and monitor their progress efficiently. The observation assessment feature can be used to track the performance of learners as they do their jobs. It also comes with a customizable dashboard, pushes notifications, eCommerce tools, and automated tasks.


    Mobile Compatibility – This platform is responsive to a mobile devices of varying screen sizes.

    Multilingual Support – Asentia provides support for up to 14 languages across different countries.

    xAPI Support – You can track the behaviour of your users on this platform for a better user experience.


    • You can create a learning path so learners will be properly guided.
    • Certificates can be awarded after each completion of the course.
    • There is an option for one-on-one or ad-hoc training sessions for learners.
    • Learners can choose to wait in the training session.


    The pricing plan starts at $375 for 50 active users and $340 for 100 users each month.



    Mindflash learning is suited for businesses where their workforce is mainly remote. Their services are used by top organizations like Apple and Microsoft. Their cloud-based solution helps businesses to train their partners, customers, and staff.

    Its user interface is simple enough for users who want to experiment with the platform. The navigation is simple and easy to understand. There is also a lot of white spaces, search bar, and tabs. The major drawbacks are the lack of gaming and social networking features.


    Quizzes and Assessments – Learners can test their knowledge by participating in quizzes and assessments.

    SCORM Compliant – This helps to align the business efficiently. This is important, as it helps employees to follow due process during training.

    Reports and Dashboards – Dashboards and reports can be customized in a way that is simple to understand.


    • You can create quiz, assessments, and track the progress of your learners.
    • Easily add video and audio to your eLearning content.
    • You can integrate third-party software.
    • Direct messages can be sent to instructors to resolve problems.


    They offer their plan based on a request basis.

    LearnUpon LMS


    This is said suitable LMS for businesses who want to simple solution that is easy to set up. It comes with standard features, support, and also offers a free trial for premium pricing plans. Newbies can start creating courses with the drag and drop feature.

    It offers support for the integration with third-party apps like Adobe Connect and Zoom. Instructors can also conduct live training sessions for learners.


    Automate Exams – Learners can take automated exams to test their knowledge and also know their pitfalls.

    Surveys – Learners can be given surveys to fill to provide feedback to course administrators for better engagement.

    Customized Certificate – You can create certificates for users after completion of each course to give them a sense of achievement.


    • You can assign tasks to admins, managers, and instructors in the portal.
    • Switching between portals is allowed when training a larger number of users
    • Repetitive task tasks can be automated to save time.
    • Learners are awarded certificates after each successful course completion.


    There offer a basic plan for $599 for 50 learners a month.



    Talents is a simple, cloud-based solution and it comes ready to use. All you need to do is sign-up and add courses to the platform. They also offer customizable pricing based on your business needs.

    Businesses can host training with TalentLMS by integrating video conferencing apps like Zoom into the software. You can also design engaging course contents which learners can access.


    Easy to use – Admins can easily create new courses, add new learners, and upload their courses with just a few clicks.

    Cmi5 – This API allows the effective exchange of data between the LMS and Learning Record Stores. Rules for interoperability can also be developed for authentication, content viewing, and session management.

    File Repository – You can structure your files, share them with learners, and reuse them for new course content.

    Assessment Engine – The progress of learners can be reevaluated using different test types and the test results can be analyzed using data reports.


    • Monitise your course content with Stripe or PayPal.
    • Set learning objectives that are suitable for the training.
    • It comes with a calendar, discussion forums, and push notifications.
    • You have full access to your course material.
    • Automatically create a course outline for learners.


    TalentLMS gives free access to their platform for 5 users and 10 courses. Their paid plans go for $59 monthly with access to 40 learners. The pricing plan can be as high as $429 per month.

    What Are the Benefits of a Learning Management System?

    Learning management systems is now widely accepted as a way of learning in corporate organizations, schools, and others. Although, there are some features that users cannot do without which include;


    Content creators can customize their course content, design logos, change font, and other elements.

    Selling your courses

    Creators can sell their course content using integrated eCommerce platforms. PayPal can be used to receive payments from learners.


    A standard LMS should be scalable. A good example is Docebo. As your course grows in popularity, you need to ensure that the platform you are using can scale efficiently and allow more users.

    Creation of bulk courses

    The ability to create course content in bulk is an important feature all LMS should have. It is useful for large organizations and educational institutions. Moodle is LMS that can be used to create bulk content.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Powerful reporting and analytics tools can be used to generate data and gain actionable insights to improve business decisions. Academy of Mine has some good reporting and analytics tools.

    Integrations with Payment Software

    A good LMS should be integrated well with payment systems. Academy of Mine integrates with Stripe, PayFast, and PayPal.

    Multiple Language Features

    Using a platform that has multi-language features can have a positive impact on the number of users that can access your course contents. For example, the Academy of Mine offers access to people who speak English, Portuguese, French, and more.


    Each learning management system has its unique feature that makes them stand out. When making a choice on which LMS to use, you have to consider your budget, kind of business, and requirements.

    Ensure you review each LMS vendor and compare them accordingly before you make your choice on which you want to use.

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