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10 Best Marketing plans for Digital Growth (2023)

    10 Best Marketing plans for Digital Growth (2022)


    The current outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way companies operate, including their marketing approach. A lot of goods and services will be brought to the internet, and lots of employees will be working in remote or mixed environments for most of the coming months. Many months of diverse reactions of clients to the pandemic have provided insight into this well-performing new marketing trend and what to expect in 2023 and probably beyond.

    What essential digital marketing techniques should your brand adopt in 2023 to gain and hold on to existing clients and gain more revenue, leads, and traffic? Seasoned managers have pointed out ten strategies that they will use for their business growth next year. If you’re confused about how to begin, this is the right place for you. Our 13 tested strategies have immense power to demonstrate the best value for your company’s marketing costs.

    1. Email Marketing

    Email marketing

    For a long time, email marketing has been one of the most popular and effective digital marketing strategies for businesses. Email marketing enables you to develop, participate in, and market your subscriber list, thus increasing the chances of converting passive users into paying customers.

    Businesses can use a variety of methods to grow their email listings, including promoting downloadable content, obtaining email addresses on their websites, and using paid ads to redirect users.

    Here are some stats from HubSpot, which explain why email is expected to become one of the most important marketing channels in 2023.

    • In the past 12 months, a huge proportion of marketing personnel (80%) noted a surge in the sharing of emails.
    • By 2024, the amount of people using emails around the globe is said to increase to 4.48 billion.
    • Email promotions and adverts are the common forms of emails used by marketers.

    2. Invest in Social Media

    Invest in Social Media

    Enterprises must ensure that they devote better time to the growth of their social media platforms in 2023. In the second quarter of 2020, the overall marketing budget in the United States had social media budgets taking a whopping 24%, which was better than the 13% seen in the previous winter. In the heat of the pandemic and lockdown, marketers paid more attention to how they could retain their clients. This situation will continue until the next year. This epidemic is greatly increasing the amount of time involved spent on the Internet. This includes how to search for goods, services, and brands.

    The shift in consumers gives new avenues for marketing personnel to expand the brand’s influence into other areas as well as reconnect and bond with their clients in the long term. Good social media marketers can create content plans for only a few hundred dollars per month, publish content plans on a regular basis, evaluate and motivate client feedback and gain new customers. If you are not planning to add social media content creation to your business’ marketing campaigns, there’s no better time than now.

    3. Invest in Social Media

    Invest in Social Media

    The goal of content creation is to make and distribute relevant and engaging content. This makes the audience want to know more about the brand, product, or service. The most popular types of content marketing include blogs, infographics, visual content, e-books, and lead magnets.

    Businesses (B2B) and commercial companies (B2C) can use content marketing to increase their email lists, stimulate social engagement, increase downloads and generate more leads or sales. The advantage of content marketing is that you can use content marketing analytics to launch Unleash your creativity and easily track success.

    Here are some stats on why 70% of marketers will invest in content marketing in 2021.

    • Web traffic is one of the two most popular indicators of a successful content marketing strategy.
    • Around 45% of marketing personnel agree that content creation is an essential aspect of their general marketing process.
    • Compared to other formats, 86% of companies create blog content.

    4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimisation

    For those who own small businesses, the most important thing is to make sure that your local business information is validated and updated on various search platforms. This is mainly for B2C companies (such as dental clinics and auto dealers) that attract customers on a regional scale, and many Google My Business listings change constantly due to business hours (COVID-19), services, and geographic regions. This is one of the main elements of research, and business owners are often surprised at how much evidence there is.

    A trick to do today: make sure you get a geolocated service location on your list. This allows you to see your work in “closed” searches since lots of search engines (including Google) prefer the relevancy of their search programs. Limiting the scope of business services may seem intuitive, but doing so can allow you to penetrate deeper into your search results. Constantly updating the list can keep your customers informed of changes to your time, promotions, blogs, or other information that you want to communicate with immediately.

    5. Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC

    Pay per click

    PPC is a type of paid digital marketing that can place ads and pay everyone who clicks on the ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) companies can have a higher initial investment, but they can also be more profitable than organic marketing methods.

    The most popular PPC advertising services are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and Bing Ads, but there are many other platforms available. The key to PPC’s success is targeting the right audience with the right content at the right time. Your goal is to drive clicks to your website, login page, or Messenger box, thereby converting users into customers.

    6. Better Customer Relations

    Better Customer Relations

    Experts believe that the more different goods and services are available, the existing customers will likely change their loyalty to a brand. Marketing personnel can approach this problem using several methods. The clearest (and hardest) remedy is increasing how available the existing products and services are. Be creative. For example, as more travellers and more children learn remotely, most of the doctors and dentists we work with have more staff during the day, moving to shorten nights and weekends.

    When inventory levels and service times are difficult to adjust, communicating on time is essential. Know what your capabilities are and make reasonable plans. For transactions that are very big, try to place banners on the website to show the time the important items arrive. Those who have not collected their clients’ contact details should have a subscriber list now. This way, customers will be notified in advance of changes in availability through email or automated SMS.

    7. Influencer Marketing

     Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is said to date back to the 1920s, but with the advent of social media in the early 2000s, its popularity is bound to spread. (It can be said that social media started in the 1970s, but “social media” became popular only in the era of Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

    In short, influencer marketing involves working with celebrities and brands to promote your products and services to an existing audience. Influencer marketing is powerful because most influencers have niche audiences that are extremely passionate. You are likely to buy products that are promoted by influencers.

    Three years ago, more than 3 million social media posts were made by influencers. This number is expected to increase by 2021. Brands can use influencer marketers to attract niche audiences, increase their interest in social media, and increase sales.

    8. The Advent of Voice Searches

    The Advent of Voice Searches

    At the moment, Google does not support voice search in its algorithm. But voice search is also part of the present search results. Compared to a user-entered text-based search, a voice search query usually gives different results. In terms of SEO, it’s best to take advantage of the consumer voice search component that the company adapts to and moves to.

    Voice search experts believe that content should be particularly made for audio. Content has to be better at being specific and equally friendly so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. It allows you to increase traffic while maintaining convenience and ease for consumers to understand.

    9. Podcast Marketing

    Podcast Marketing

    Podcasts are relatively new, and it provides exciting opportunities for companies looking to attract existing followers and attract new audiences. Not only can brands promote podcasts on social media but Google is also working hard to drive traffic other than audio/podcasts.

    For a successful podcast, you should always include engaging calls to draw the audience to topics of interest, provide valuable information, and encourage the audience to learn more. You can then use various marketing channels in this guide to promote podcasts to more users.

    Here are some podcast marketing insights worth considering:

    • As of April 2020, there are over 30 million podcasts.
    • Today, 75% of Americans age 12 and over are familiar with podcasts.
    • By 2022, your monthly podcast listening volume will reach 37%.
    • Today, podcasts reach over 100 million Americans every month.

    10. Improved Retention via Segmentation

    Marketers recommend always focusing more on the later stages of the buyer journey because the cost of retaining existing customers is lower than the cost of purchasing new customers. Satisfied clients tend to talk to their friends and make recommendations to increase their results. Also, they are in a better position to give you truthful comments on topics aimed at improving your business.

    Ensure that you inform them of changes and processes in your organization via email marketing that will affect your relationship or interact with your clients online. Through collating information and grouping your clients, you will not make unnecessary expenditures as you continue offering services and goods. Also, you can use this information to increase your profits, thus increasing your marketing costs.

    11. Engage Your Employees

    Engage Your Employees

    Experts in human resources have long noted that this worldwide epidemic will affect workers and their attitude to work. A lot of people are being remote workers for the first time, and this experience can be there and liberating. But now, that excitement has vanished for most people. Little wonder that countering the interference of children and the world around them can lower employee morale and related productivity.

    It is important to motivate employees to stay in touch so that they can communicate with each other and improve customer outcomes. The manager or business owner is responsible for making sure that the customer service team (service, marketing, sales) understands that everyone is working towards the same common goal, even if they are not in the office. Divide your project into important parts and define clear milestones. Then create multiple communication channels and make sure you are ready to share the success with the entire team on each channel.

    12. Affiliate Marketing


    Affiliate marketing can be seen as a monetization strategy, not a marketing strategy. Because only affiliate links can be the main driving force of website revenue. Affiliate marketing basically allows websites to earn commissions by promoting the products and services of other companies.

    To start affiliate marketing, just search for the products you like, join the company’s affiliate program (if applicable), promote the products to others, and earn commissions on every sale. These products can be advertised on websites, social media, email, or directly to consumers.

    13. Use Google Ads with Automation

     Use Google Ads with Automation

    In the area of automation, those who use Google Ads are constantly modifying their ad outreaches. This includes their bids and keywords to make their advertising expenses optimal. However, making these modifications to your ads come at a great price. This means more management time and cost. Enter the automatic ads. This allows Google to automate past actions and adjust bids in real-time.

    Currently, automatic ads are not new but first appeared in 2016. However, due to continuous improvements in the past year, it is expected that automatic ads will begin in 2021. By increasingly relying on automated bidding methods, you can spend more time on other enhancements like Performance. Purchasing power (PPP). Ultimately, this will bring you better results at a lower cost.

    Final Words

    These digital marketing strategies are not complete yet, but they are a good way to commence your marketing outreach. Most marketing managers and marketing personnel can only improve opportunities by transferring better information from these strategies to their companies, local search, and social media as they add more customized and interactive content aimed at improving the relationship with their customers.

    These 13 main strategies help maintain your hard-won customer base while increasing website traffic, generating more potential customers, and increasing sales. It is also important to know about digital marketing tools as well as their effects on the business environment.

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